Monday, November 17, 2008

Maeyowa battles Okanogan County P.U.D. in grass roots political struggle.

Maeyowa is leading a 12 year, grass roots political struggle with the Okanogan County Public Utility District. The issue is where to place a new series of power lines in the pristine Methow Valley.  At a recent Public Meeting in October, she was denied the opportunity to speak which prompted a scathing editorial in the Methow Valley News which condemned the PUD president for his arbitrary and probably illegal gag rule.

All of this and more will be part of her story in the upcoming documentary,
"Back to the Garden, flower power comes full circle".

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Bill Neill said...

The most accessible character of the film. Her soul resonates with mine. I would love to spend time at her farm with her and her husband. The honesty in her life is beyond doubt. She is authentic.