Monday, April 20, 2009

Lopez Islanders love "Back to the Garden" and Jeffrey Stonehill

Co-producers, Kevin Tomlinson and Judy Kaplan at the Lopez Center...
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Jeffrey Stonehill and Kevin prior to the special Lopez benefit screening
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An enthusiastic crowd of  Lopez Islanders turned out Friday night (4-17-09) to see what we'd done with local resident Jeffrey Stonehill.  Jeffrey is an Island legend, known to all who've ever crossed his path.  "People are calling me the Star but I play a small role," said Jeffrey.  

We made new friends, raised about $400. for the Lopez Island Community Arts Center and drew a warm crowd of about 150 islanders.  It was a great evening and we packed the place with an all ages group who came to see Jeffrey and to satisfy their curiosity about the counter culture's fate in Washington State.

It's great to have so many people thanking us for making the film. I think Jeffrey was very happy too.  Right now he's busy getting his one man plays on both Einstein and Darwin ready for the theater.  Give em hell Jeffrey...

Many thanks to Lopez Community Center's director, Richard Sorenson and all the Lopez folks who came out to support independent filmmaking...Big hug and warm thanks to our dear friend, Sylvia Smith who gave us lots of promotion around the Island all week leading up to the screening.  Big thanks to Vortex owner Jean for coming out and supporting our film and her wonderful food which gave us the energy to face a new crowd of enthusiastic film-goers that evening.

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