Friday, June 12, 2009

OnePine's youngest graduates Valedictorian.

Proud Mom with her son, Bodie Cabiyo... the Valedictorian of the Tonasket High School Senior Class of 2009

Gold medalist in learning: Bodie shows the folks his Valedictorian Medal

Bodie with his parents:  L to R, OnePine, Bodie and Michael Valardi

'Hippie kids' with their youngest brother:  L to R, Yava, Yuvia, Bodie and Estrella.

"One thing I've always said is good nutrition makes beautiful children" (OnePine)

Who would argue with her...all four children are thriving and beautiful in so many ways.

A housefull of loving friends and family gathered last weekend in Tonasket to be with OnePine in celebration of her son's accomplishments. As the top student of his class, Bodie was emotional at home prior to the ceremony and standing on a ice chest said to the gathered crowd... " I just want to to say...Mom and Dad, thank you for helping me become the person I am..I love you."

OnePine's youngest is done with high school after earning numerous awards and scholarships along the way...Bodie was homecoming king, Valedictorian, won a Gates' scholarship along with several other generous scholarships...He's like a rocket ship, engines ignited and blasting off.

Congratulations OnePine, Michael and Bodie!  We were honored to be with you for this event as a part of your extended family....good food, great music and lots of friends to help celebrate Bodie's bold step forward into manhood and knowledge.  
May blessings be.

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