Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tel Aviv wraps with sold out screening.

(photo: L-R, Judy, Kevin, Harsita Eshel (Festival Director), Anameika Eshel (co-director) and Israeli filmmaker, Yael who presented a film about the Rainbow movement in Israel.)
photo: courtesy of Yohan Segev, Tel Aviv

We were humbled by the turnout and the overwhelming response to our second screening in Tel Aviv. Many commented about how inspired and moved they were by the film's characters and their life struggles.

There were questions about whether our film has distribution or not (We're currently self-distributing ) and whether it will show on Television (we're working on it after it shows at a few more fests). Many young 20-somethings came up to us and told us how they'd been thinking about the film all day, how hopeful the stories are and that they were considering moving up to the north of Israel to grow their own food and change life directions.

One of the members of our audience was NBC News' Middle East correspondent, Martin Fletcher and his wife (who both LOVED the film). Martin is one of NBC's icons (30 years in Israel) and is a huge plus in getting a possible Israeli documentary channel introduction.

More comments:
"I walked out with my heart smiling"..."If the music soundtrack were available on CD, I'd buy it !"

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