Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bendfilm fest: huge buzz and capacity crowds deliver rave reviews for "Garden"

Bend film Festival happy snaps: (l-R) OnePine, Judy, Deborah Vester & Kevin

Lean and Mean "Garden" crew: Kevin (director/producer), Tim Cash (editor) & Judy Kaplan (producer)

Radio Interview at KPOV in Bend: Brad (interviewer), Tim & Kevin...Plugging "Back to the Garden, Flower Power comes full circle" for this half hour local radio interview show...

There was no shortage of local 'buzz' surrounding our film at Bend with a tremendous outpouring of emotion at the Saturday morning show. The Festival committee had scheduled "Garden" for a single showing but following the huge turnout immediately booked a second show during the 'best of fest' screenings on Sunday.

"Back to the Garden" narrowly missed receiving the Bendfilm Audience Award falling just a few votes short to place second overall. Yikes!!

We had the awesome company of our friends and main subjects of our film: OnePine and Deborah Vester (who drove 6 hours plus down from Chesaw and Bellevue, WA.) along with local Bend filmmaker/editor Tim Cash and his wife Yuvia and 2 sons at the screening.

Big hugs and Kisses to the Bendfilm staff who made us feel like 'VIP' Filmmakers all weekend!
A HUGE thanks to our Bendfilm hosts Steve and Judy McCoy who taxied us all over, fed us and made the whole weekend such a pleasure.

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