Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 15th... Masquers theater in Historic Soap Lake. 7:30pm Saturday night.

photo: Historian and filmmaker Kathy Keifer at Soap Lake 2005 (above)

photo: circa 1922 postcard from Soap lake: "It will cure you"....

We've had May 15th 2010 on the books for almost a year...Screening at a state of the art Theater (the Masquers theater) at Soap Lake, WA. a tiny dot on the map but....thanks to one kindred spirit, filmmaker kathy Kiefer, it's gaining a reputation for screening inspired independent films...Kathy has produced three docs herself and knows her audiences.
"I'm committed to producing documentaries that enlighten and inspire deeper thought." kathy kiefer
So we're really thrilled to be invited to Soap Lake and experience the healing waters, the local arts-scene and the historic spa-atmosphere which it's famous for...check out Kathy's site for more. www.soaplakewa.com

Where's soap lake? Just North of I-90 near Quincy. Not far from the Gorge Amphitheater.
Come on over for the weekend and meet the locals at our 'Garden Party'...

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