Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dutch Environmental Film Festival nominates "Garden" for Golden Strawberry Award!

Amsterdam's Studio K Cinemas hosted the Closing Night at the 2nd annual Dutch Environmental Film Festival.

"Back to the Garden" screened to a capacity audience on the final night of the four day festival which was held in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The festival is unique in that it brought in a much younger audience than we've seen at most festivals...Young, 20 and 30-something men and women who are willing to work toward creating a sustainable world through getting out and rolling their sleeves up.

We had fantastic feedback from lots of inspired and motivated young Dutch Eco-activists who had nothing but compliments for the film's hopeful, inspirational message and thanked us for getting the story out to a global mass-audience.

A young African-English Doctor came up to us and explained how he was 'dragged kicking and screaming' to our film by the Festival's director. He said he was so taken with the film's characters' integrity and self-sufficiency...He found our subjects refreshingly genuine and honest in every way and was reminded of his fathers's rural upbringing and family values as a young immigrant coming to England from Nigeria. "I'm single and dating" he said. "I once had my date correct me on which hand to hold my knife with in a restuarant"...."Can you imagine", he said. " I'm way more interested in people like the young hippies in your film who seem to know what's really important and have their heads in the right place..."

So again it seems like our film isn't just about so-called 'Hippie values' but Human values...

The Golden Strawberry went to a great new film called "Dive" about L.A. Dumpster Divers
but we're so honored to be in the final running! and we met tons of wonderful new folks during the festival...thanks so much Ikenna and Mette from DEFF.

photo: Winners of the 'Best Dressed Hippie' contest: Bram and Wendy of Rotterdam. Our friends!

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