Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wild in Rice feast and outdoor screening

Our special Guests: l-R: OnePine and Deborah Vestor who drove over from the Okanogan.

Where is Rice, Washington? I'm sworn to secrecy. It's too beautiful and off the beaten path and the locals asked me not to spread the you'll have to do some mapquesting...

We were wined and dined on Iberian fishermans stew and sinful seafood appetizers put on by the upstart Seattle-based, culinary team called by the Seattle Stranger, "Ass-kicking" ....the Jones brothers Glassworks, led by ''Champeen'-chef and art glass maker, Ron Jones.

Thank you Ron, MJ, and the Jones bros. put on an ass-tonishing feast!

A huge thank you to our new friends who run Wild (in) Rice, Maureen and Scott who invited us to screen our film outdoors under their stately maple tree... guests arrived from Colville, kettle falls, Spokane, Gifford, Fruitland and parts unknown...our first outdoor showing!

Maureen and Scott had recently hosted Skeeter and his Herbalist gathering on their it already feels like family there...a wonderful place to put on small workshops, events, cultural and culinary programs with a family farm setting and an emphasis on local food and arts.
So come visit Rice....just don't get any dang 'idears' about moving there.

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