Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vancouver International turns it up a huge notch with two sold out shows and great press.

Vancouver was nearly a perfect audience for our film...home to many draft dodgers during Vietnam and haven to alternative lifestyles, B.C. is to Canada as California is to the States.
We screened on the first two days of the festival to capacity crowds who really 'got' our film. They laughed and sighed at every opportunity, hung on every word and gave thunderous applause following the film.

The organizers put us up in a beautiful downtown hotel, showered us with genuine Canadian affection, hosted Judy and I at gala event parties with Cirque mimes, delectable food and booze...We were pinching ourselves. Then we wake up to great newspaper reviews in the Vancouver Sun and the Georgia Straight, did interviews on Global TV and CBC radio's 'on the coast'. The consensus: Vancouver absolutely loved our film.

I can't say enough for the professionalism, genuine warmth and egalitarian atmosphere Vancouver's festival organizers exude...If this wasn't the best, it was damn near the best we've ever encountered along our festival journey...Met wonderful down to earth industry folk, hobnobbed and just generally had a very memorable experience in Vancity.
A huge hit of wind for our sails...

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