Friday, November 5, 2010

Duke City Docfest wraps...nominates BTTG for award.

The first annual Duke City Docfest took place October 10-15th...Back to the Garden had two screenings. Not a hollywood A-list scene to be sure but the organizers hope to make it a big draw in the years to come...I went because our film was shown in the KIMO theater.

The KIMO is the kind of place you want to be married in and buried in...It's a landmark movie palace that the city wisely treasures and has recently renovated to show off its T and A... Treasures and architecture! It's worth a lot more text but just take my word for it, it's like no other movie theater you've ever been amazing movie palace that's one of a kind.

We were nominated for Best Cinematography. Cool!

My Albuquerque hostess with the mostess, Cousin Tama! Who was also 'born in the you es seh'. You Rock Girl! And in no small part thanks to her parrot 'Montel Herman' who only bit me once and likes me just fine now...
A shop on Central ave..I love the way the chain drape turns this scene into a kind of modern pointilist painting...I had huge fun shooting on old Route 66.

Downtown Albuquerque...Central Avenue, the heart of the City...the old Route 66 highway.
Yep, Duke City's turnout was modest...but we had a great Q & A...heck they agreed to pose for a group photo just to commemorate the occasion of Albuquerque's first year Documentary fest!
The facade of the venerable KIMO theater...a mix of art deco architecture combined with an incredible decor of southwest indian art...a true movie palace I'm honored to have shown our film at...thanks so much Jesse and the generous folks at the Duke City Docfest.

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