Saturday, December 18, 2010

New BTTG Interview/Podcast available

Following our wonderful experience up in Vancouver late this Summer at the Vancouver International Film Festival, we've received several requests to show the film in Canada.

The good folks up in British Columbia and as far east as Ontario are really in step with our films message that living the simple life can be a very fulfilling life. The empowerment one feels building your own home, having a sense of community and knowing that you're eating healthy, home-grown being passed on to an new generation. A generation that honors the sixties activism and ideals but is looking to put their own mark on the future.

Recently I was contacted by a young man, originally from South Carolina,who now lives in B.C. He wanted to interview me about our film that he'd seen at VIFF. We're very happy to spread the word but it's especially fulfilling when someone who's fresh out of college is inspired by the example of our film's characters...Skeeter, OnePine, Maeyowa, Deb Vester, Jerry Bartels and Jeffrey Stonehill...and wants to know more.

He's put together a great blog of ideas and interviews with folks who talk about a wide variety of issues concerning the environment that he calls the ExtraEnvironmentalist.

It's almost an hour long interview/podcast so feel free to download it onto your ipod or other digital device for an interesting hour of discussion. Comments always welcome.

thanks so much Justin and Seth.

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