Monday, April 2, 2012

Back to the Garden friends!
Spring is finally back in Seattle and man are we ready for some sunshine.
It's been a long, long lonely Winter.

Not only is life renewing itself all around us, our film is taking on new life as well.
On April 6th it will be streamed via satellite to ALL PBS stations nation-wide.
(see our ad...upper right corner. click 'home') There are still so many who have not yet seen
and this opportunity makes us very excited at the prospect of bringing our story to a huge new national audience.

Want to do your part? Call your local PBS station now (before April 7th)  and request the film.
It's offered FREE on April 6th and allows stations to program it anytime they want through 2014.
So don't be shy, share the LOVE... so others may also enjoy the inspiration of BTTG that you hold so near and dear.

Earth Day is coming April 22nd!

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